Friday, January 15, 2016

Allietare Top

The top is together! How exciting! I will add the borders and get started on the quilting. Looking forward to making the scalloped edge binding!

I love it! So glad I did this mystery project. There may be another one made in my future projects! Thanks, Bonnie Hunter!


Thursday, January 7, 2016

Allietare - Final Clue

I didn't say "reveal" in the title since it's not fully together yet. But I'm close so I'm linked up at Bonnie's blog!  Thanks for stopping by!

While sewing sections with points, I found it helpful to put the section with the point on the top so it was easy to see and not sew over its tip.
Using the edge guide helps a lot as well!

Oh, the first block had to go on the design wall! Anticipation!

After many hours of sewing, here they are! 4 corner triangles, 18 set-ins triangles, 20 pisa blocks, and 30 star blocks! Love them!!!!

Here's a sneak peek!

Tomorrow, I'll be pressing the blocks and I plan to have them all sewn together and bordered by the end of the weekend. What a wonderful mystery! I hope you make one, too! If you need some sewing tips, check out my Featherweight Skill Series.