Sunday, February 23, 2014

Color Study Project in Purple

The Block of the Month project in this year is based on color studies. Check out the final result that we will end up with. 

I figured I'd make the blue version, as they are demonstrating. It's coming out great!

My mind keeps wanting to venture into the purple territory. Off to check out the stash I went and found many pieces in could use! Here is the first block for the purple one!

It is in an analgamous color scheme. Impressed? Me too!

Check out for lots of inspiration. You can do the BOM projects for free that began to be offered in 2012. I can't wait until March's instructions are released!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Side Project Among Many

I admit it, I have lots of projects going on right now. Who doesn't, right? 

One is an FMQ quilt a long from Leah Day's blog that will last all year. These are the first set if blocks ready for FMQ. 

One is a Block of the Month from Craftsy that will last all year. It's a color study project. I'm using lots of colors!

This is February's block. We made 24 of them. 

One is a profect that I found in Pinterest and wanted to try out. 

I will wind up with four of these when I run out of the colored fabric. That will make a nice throw for the back of a couch. 

I have so many other things I'd like to make! But I took a little detour these last two weekends and made something to counteract the 2 feet of snow I have in my yard at this time. It's a little burst of spring for my living room!

Here's to counting the days until the ground is filled with color again. 

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Celtic Solstice - Completion

It's done! Introducing Celtic Solstice!

I absolutely LOVE it!

The added border is for knowing which end is the top. I also put a wide blue border on the top and bottom edges. 

Sparkie and Sasha approved!

So my hubby got a gorgeous quilt for Christmas... Don't tell him, but I might borrow it from time to time! 

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Craftsy BOM - February

A new month, a new block! Here's what's getting made for February. Contrasting color scheme. 

I am loving the way this layout makes your eyes want to look at all the squares over and over. 

We start with strips seen into sets. Then cut and sewn into sets that make the checkerboard. 

Now I just have to make 23 more of them. :)

Craftsy BOM - January

Since I have quilt a long fever this year, I decided to jump on the 2014 Block of the Month bandwagon on Craftsy. The color theory lesson plan delighted me. I couldn't wait to get my fabrics together!

Crazy looking? I think it's going to be an amazing quilt!

Here's my January's finished block. I did six of them for the project.

This is the quilt layout we will complete this year. I absolutely love it! They used all batik fabrics but I am using mostly cottons and a few batiks. 

Are you doing the 2014 BOM?