Friday, August 11, 2017

The Material Gripper

Thank you for coming to my Fashion Accessory Skill Series! There are thousands of us who love our little 221s but need or want a little more "know-how" on using them to their fullest potential. I hope my posts and videos will help you get more know-how and confidence in using various sewing accessories with your beautiful Featherweight. This series will be different since I will be showing parts that may not even need a 221! Enjoy the classes!

Class #2 - Material Gripper

Class supply list:
The material gripper and fabric. 

Let's get sewing!

The material gripper clamps into the edge of a table in order to give you that extra hand when you need one! 

Set the fabrics that you want held into the clamp and lightly press down on the lever to hold them for you. Now both hands are free to pin, pick, cut or measure!

This accessory sold for 50 cents back in the 50's. Check out this instruction paper from 1935!

Keep an eye out for the material gripper in your travels!

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See you next time!