Featherweight Quilters Skill Series

Thank you for coming to my Featherweight Skill Series for quilting! There are thousands of us who love our little 221s but need or want a little more "know-how" on using them to their fullest potential. I hope my posts and videos will help you get more know-how and confidence in using your beautiful Featherweight. Enjoy the classes!

Class #2 - The Quilter Foot and Space Guide

Class #3 - The Quilter Foot, Part 2

Class #4 - Trapunto with The Quilter Foot

Class #5 - Free Motion Quilting

Class #6 - Free Motion Quilting, Part 2

Class #7 - Understanding Tension

Class #8 - Using a Walking Foot

All posts, pictures, and videos were authored, created, and published by Pamelyn Baim. 2016
All rights reserved. No part of this series, in any form, may be reproduced, stored, or transmitted in any form without prior written permission by the author. 

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