Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ringing In The New Year Mystery Project - Part 5

This is it! The last clue of the Ringing In The New Year mystery! It's all about the 3 B's!

We will be working on batting, backing, and what I like to call “mock binding” to complete our project. There's no time limit but stay determined to finish it so this doesn't wind up being an unfinished project!
Sparkie says to work all the way through this clue - you're almost done! 

Since this is meant to be a smaller sized project, I did not add border rows to the top. The dimensions of my top came out to approximately 42” by 54” this is a great size as a throw, a stroller or crib blanket, a comfort blanket for a small child, or one to grab and use on the go. Or whatever ideas you have for it!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Ringing In The New Year Mystery Project - Part 4

This is the clue we've been waiting for. We get to see our project come together! (((((Drum roll)))))

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Virtual Garage Sale - Make an offer

These sets are the oldest ones I own and have had a lot of use. I was experimenting with different ways to mount the stamps on the blocks and may not have cleaned the stamps as soon as I should so some of them are stained. But they still work and would love a new home.

Virtual Garage Sale - Dance stamp sets

My love for ballet drew me to get these. They come out so soft and beautiful, just as a dancer should look.

Virtual Garage Sale - Alphabet stamp sets

Need the most flexibility when it comes to writing things out? Get those alphabet sets and write whatever you want!

Virtual Garage Sale - Sentiments

It seemed like you can never have enough sentiment stamps handy. There are many to choose from - just pick them out!

Virtual Garage Sale - Occasion stamp sets

If you want a set with something for several occasions, you'll find it here!

Virtual Garage Sale - Holiday stamp sets

Ah, the holidays! Have fun sharing the magic with these sets!

Virtual Garage Sale - Masculine stamp sets

Sometimes it's difficult to make masculine cards or photo album pages. These sets will help you!

Virtual Garage Sale - $10 stamp sets

Take your pick of he following Stampin Up stamp sets. Only $10 each!

Virtual Garage Sale - Stampin Up (and other) Lot #2

Here are some SU and other brand items that I am not using. Let me know if you are interested in any of them and we will come up with payment options and a way for you to get the items from me.

Virtual Garage Sale - Stampin' Up Lot #1

I decided to let go of some SU stuff, since I no longer demonstrate and these great products are sitting around doing nothing. Everything is in very good to unused condition! This is the first of many lots I will be letting go so check back for items in additional lots or look for my Facebook posts that notifies of new lots offered. I'm sure someone must want this stuff, especially at these discounted prices! Check out the pics and let me know what you are interested in, then we can set up payment and the arrangements to get them to you.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh, no! I ran out of fabric!

And this fabric was sitting in your stash for years. There's no WAY you will find that print again... anywhere. What do you do? Before the panic sets in, try a few things first.

Take a swatch that best shows the colors in your fabric. Truck yourself out to your favorite fabric store.
Here's a sample of my material that I ran out of. I wanted the faded purple and green effect with most of the background material an off white.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Wholecloth Sampler Binding

This gorgeous project had to come to completion! I decided to trim the sides and wrap the backing fabric around to make a mock binding. It will make an eye- catching wall decoration.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ringing In The New Year Mystery Part 3

Here it is! Clue #3....... Get out your dark and light colors again, press them up - we're going to start cutting more 3-1/2" strips!

Lay the material down on your cutting mat and trim the edge straight. Put that trimmed side off to the left and line up the 3-1/2" mark on your ruler on the trimmed side. Hold everything firm and cut along the right edge of the ruler to make nice even strips. I started out with 6 strips of each color, but I needed more.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Compassion Project - Second Saturday Quilting Club

The ladies got together today to continue the compassion quilts for the Hurricane Sandy relief effort.

Seams were being stitched!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ringing In The New Year Mystery Project Part 2

If you have decided to jump on my mystery bandwagon, let me say a hearty "thank you!" for playing along! This being my first mystery, it will be pretty straight forward but I am hoping you find it to finish into a nice result!

So we have all of our supplies put together and now we can start doing some fun stuff!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

FMQ Practice - Feather Spray

One thing I would like to get better at this year is stitching FMQ feathers. I think it will go well.

the bobbin side.

Friday, January 4, 2013

FMQ And A Mini

This week was a pleasurable sew-for-me week!

I did some FMQ doodling. I grabbed a small piece of prequilted material, and as a child puts down crayon to a new sheet of paper, I put down thread to fabric. Whatever came to mind or was seen in a book is what I tried to stitch. Whether it was good (like the flower in the center) or not (like the rosebud that came out looking more like the maneating-flower in Little Shop of Horrors than the budding flower of love) didn't matter, this was all about letting go and doodling. It was fun too!

FMQ Practice - Matrix

I like the way this looks dimensional. Like it is curling up off of the fabric.

the bobbin side.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Table Runners - Gifts!

Here's a few runners I made for gifts and for purchase in December. Which one is your favorite?