Monday, September 30, 2013

KofC Craft Show - Runners

Here are a couple quilted runners that will be at my table on Saturday. 

Hope you can make it to the show!
Knights if Columbus, Route 2, Latham. 9-4

Quilts In Action

It's great fun getting pictures from happy recipients of my work. Here's a couple that I got this week. 

Jen's Ringing In The New Year quilt and shams looks amazing on her bed. I love that side peek in the mirror!

Here's my challenge quilt project. The final result looks great! Talk about sleeping under the stars!

It's so great to see what difference a quilt can make in a room. Want a new look? Got an unfinished project you want done? Let me know! 

Friday, September 27, 2013

Wrap Up - September 27 '13

Hello and welcome from ThistleFire! So glad you decided to stop by. I'm linked with Leah's site, as usual. I would love to hear your thoughts about my week in fabric.

BKF Throw - This hot mess is finally looking like a quilt! Next, I will add the back, quilt it, and add a dark blue binding binding! I was so excited to find the border fabric. It was exactly what I wanted.

FMQ - Sometimes playing around with practice pieces can develop into something useful. That was the case with my FMQ'ing. I thought I'd play around with having the fabric tell me what it was that it wanted FMQ'd onto it. My material was wild! It has fish on it... and crazy patterns. So I let the FMQ be crazy!

Now the practice panels are eyeglass cases! They will be on my craft show table on October 5th.

OPP - The biggest project that was worked on this week was the challenge quilt. It was coming together nicely and the longarm quilting progressed very nicely. After finishing up the edges, I was able to hand it back over to the owner today. She was absolutely delighted with the results.

The dark blue areas had the big loopy line meandering pattern in a variegated thread.

The star blocks all had outlining in the star and loopy diamonds in the corners.

So, that's about it. I think that's a pretty good week! What's under your needle?

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Blue Stars - Quilted!

The challenges were pretty much over and Blue Stars was quilted on the long arm. It came out so beautifully. Take a look-

Each star block was stitched along the points and the outer corners have curvy diamonds shapes.

My favorite filler, hands down, is the loopy line. I'm good at it and I love the way it looks, especially with variegated thread. 

I'm happy with the results!

Now it needs the edges finished and it can go to its home! Feeling very productive tonight! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Fun stuff

The Knights of Columbus fall craft show is coming soon and I will be there!

One thing I was playing around with was FMQ on wild fabric. This led to some cute, fun results. 

This funky fish fabric was covered with a variety of FMQ patterns. I let the fabric help me with what was put on it. This panel was covered with wavy lines and outlines of the fish and graphics. 

This piece has the undertow pattern and more outlining. 

They were trimmed up, the ends got binding, and the adges were sewn together to make....

Custom eyeglass pouches!
You'd never loose track of your glasses in these things! 

I think these are so cute and will be a fun addition to my craft table. Come to the show at KofC in Latham on October 5th from 9-4. I will be in the outdoor tent. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

BKF Update

The top is together! I inadvertently arranged the blocks different than the instructions said to do them. I knew something was up when the corner blocks met with flowers instead of a flower to the leaves. My center should have been a flower cluster instead of a leaf cluster. But you know what? I like it better this way!

A picture says a lot! So here it is-

It looks rectangular in the lower pic but it is actually 56" square. Once the final outer border (a very dark blue) and binding is on it will be a 60" square. That would make a lovely tablecloth! Or an unbelievable throw or child's quilt.
So have you messed up a layout in a project? Did you like the final happy accident or was it seam ripper or trash bin time?

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Wrap Up - September 20 '13

Hi everyone! Welcome to ThistleFire!

SSQC - The first club meeting went great! We made a mystery block. Here's mine-
It reminds me of the ocean. But it was the spool of thread block!

We also did our exchanges for the other projects we will work on throughout t year. This one needs a block made to go with it.

And this one needs a border put on it.

Apple Core Sunset - I didn't get to work on this one but I did hang it up to look at it and think about it. 

Blue Kaleidoscope Flowers - One block got done. Only three more to go and then it's time to add some borders!

OPP - I made that up. It means the OPPortunity to work on Other People's Projects. This took up most of my time this week. The quilt that was given to me in pieces is assembled and on the long arm!

Here's what the back looks like.

FMQ - I'm linked with FMQ Friday. I liked the pattern Leah offered this week so I stitched it on fabric with fish on it. How appropriate!

My videos are on hold a the moment. My task list is getting full so they are on the back-burner for now. I may do some here and there but not the basic sewing lesson series yet. 

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my week in fabric! What's under your needle?

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Quilt Challenge - Quilting Design

The next step for this gorgeous quilt is to do the quilting. Woo hoo!

In order to get the top and back to line up correctly, I hung them up and pinned them together along th top edge. Then both pieces were set on the long arm roller and pinned in place. I carefully set the batting down between the layers and repinned it with the batting one pin at a time. The backing was rolled onto its roller bar and stretched just enough to keep it firmly in place. I like to "float" my top.

Here's what it looks like on the long arm. 

Going through my thread, I didn't have that "just right" color so off to the store I go! This thread will make gorgeous stitches on the dark blue. 

Now I'm set to quilt! More to come on that!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Challenge - Quilt Back Assembly

So the quilt top of the challenge is done. Now it needs a back!

I had a few star blocks left over from the top so it made sense to set them in the corners of the back. 

Just like for the top, I had just enough rose and cranberry fabric to make the back. Here's me and my puppy looking over the layout on half of the top.

After a bunch of cutting and seaming, I was pleased to have this for the back. The stars are set near to where the quilt edges will sit.

I know it looks huge but it needs to be bigger than the top so it can be loaded on the long arm for quilting. That part is the next step! Stop by again to see that get done!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Challenge - A Quilt Assembly

Someone asked me if I can take the blocks and fabric for her quilt and put it together. Yes, I can!

Here's the progress so far.

I got a bag with a bunch of really pretty star blocks in it...

And a pile of super dark blue fabric for the sashing and borders.

So I pressed and measured the blocks. They weren't all the same size but I got the most stacks of 10-1/2 and 11 inch blocks. There's what I'll use for the top!

Out comes the paper for a layout. 

Then I got out the tools for cutting the solid fabric

Cutting can be scary, especially when you realize you did it wrong. Fortunately, that didn't happen! It's a good thing because this is all the blue I had left when I was done piecing it out. Not much!

So after all that planning, I wound up with four great looking panels. 

They will have more blue sashing in between each one and 12" borders on the outer edges. 

Do you love it? it has a stained glass window effect with the dark pieces around the light blocks. it really makes them pop! So far, so good! This will be a queen sized quilt when it's done. More to come on this one.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

KofC Craft Show - October 5th

The next craft show ill be at is on October 5th at the Knights of Columbus on Route 2 in Latham (next door to the Salvation Army Store) from 9 - 3. Look for my under the tent; I hope you can come by!

Here's a sample of a couple of unique things I'll have at my table.

Fingertip Hot Pads

Stop burning your fingertips when you lift the pot lid or take a hot cup or plate out of the microwave. 

Oven Scarves - extra long and heat resistant; I call them scarves, not mitts! Slip your hands in the ends and grab the baking dish from the oven.

There will be lots of vendors at the show. C'mon out and get started on your holiday shopping! If you want any of these items, let me know and we'll get them to you!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Wrap Up - September 13 '13

SSQC - I have three preparatory assignments to finish before Saturday morning's Club meeting. I have two of them done. The Round Robin block is all set.

The optional project that needs a center panel with straight edges is no longer circular and is all set. See more info about this block on my Craftsy profile

The last thing I have to do is cut some strips for a mystery project. Fun!

Winding Ways Throw / FMQ - This project is DONE! Can you believe it? Woo hoo!

The quilting was added by long arm and table top machines. Any circle or melon template work was done on the long arm but the stars on the outer border were all done on the good ol' portable Brother. I did a lot of quilt turning so I was always moving the fabric away from me to ensure the straightest lines I could make. Love it!

My hubby suggested making these curved corners. 

It came out great and it's looking for a home. Its in my Etsy shop so if you want it, let me know and we'll get it to you! If you mention you found it through my blog, I'll waive the shipping charge for you. Oh yeah!

Apple Core Sunset - The sky is not falling, it is all sewn together! This will represent the colors in the sunsetting sky. 

I am still not 100% sure that I will like this project when I am done. It really is an experiment and I am as curious to see what happens with it as you are!

Blue Kaliedescope Flowers - BKF did not get attention this week (again) since I had to complete my SSQC work, which took longer than I expected. It waits for me. 

I love seeing it brightening up the room though. So pretty!

News - ThistleFire has a new member! A Viking Tribute 140C Anniversary Limited Edition Sewing Machine. I am amazed at this machine. It's a digital, computerized, push-button marvel! It even has the ability to sew fonts and simple pictures. The one thing is doesn't do is make my coffee for me! I have signed up for a class in order to really learn how to use it, since it is so powerful. I want to use that power! At the same time, it seems like it is more than I deserve. I'm truly grateful.

I'm linked up with Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Friday. Love being part of that community!
I hope you enjoyed reading about my progress, or lack thereof. I'd love to hear from you! What's happening in your sewing room?