Saturday, July 26, 2014

Hats of Love

Last spring, my quilt club's charity project was making hats for people who have had head surgery or chemo and needed a way to cover their healing scalp. 
Here's an example of one. 

I wanted to continue this on my own, got the pattern together with a sample hat, and started cutting fabric. 

A few days later, I met a woman who came into a store where I was browsing and she wanted a bandana or light scarf for her head with little hair on it. They didn't have anything that would work for her. I saw her, knew why she was there, and heard her disappointment over their goods. 

It would have been easy to walk away from this. But that wasn't what my heart wanted to do. I approached her and offered to make and send her a hat. She told me she was a cancer survivor, was just starting back to work and needed head coverings. I asked what color she wanted. Lavender. A favorite color of mine! She gave me her address and I went home to sew her a lavender hat. 

There is Velcro in the band so it can be custom fit. It's reversible too!

I added pretty stitching around the top 

Off in the mail it went! I hope she likes it. 

Do you get involved in charity projects? What do you make for those in need?

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Judges Have Spoken

Here are the results of my entries. 

2nd place 

Third place

Second place

Third place

Second place

Second place

Third place

No ribbon

Second place

No ribbon. 

8 out of 10! This was a good year for me at the fair! I got a lot of 2nd places. I have to push it over the top for more blues! If you head out there, visit the Lewis Building and see all of the wonderful handcrafted exhibits! 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Off to the Fair

The container was packed, the list was checked twice. The exhibitions were going to the fair!

Everything was tagged and surrendered. 3 quilted items, 5 knitted items, 1 felted item, 1 tatted item. I have a good feeling about this year!

10 stubs. Can't wait until Tuesday!

Friday, July 18, 2014

We <3 Bluegrass!

We've been eyeing this for a while...

So we finally went to see what it was all about. 
My mind is still trying to process what I saw; it was awesome!

There were acres and acres of campers and tents with amazing musicians in them, playing their music on stages. 

There were classes with lectures on how to be a better player and know your instrument inside and out. 

We were there!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Vintage Fun

We decided to take a drive out to a couple of our favorite antique stores last weekend and wouldn't you know, I spotted a Singer 221. I actually found it 6 months ago in the same store but didn't try to make a deal. "Too pricey." "Don't need another machine." "Maybe next time." I reasoned it out of my mind. 

She was still sitting there, stuck in a cabinet with her carrying case, waiting to be put back into commission. We looked her over and over and over. It was the day to make an offer. 

We bought a couple other things and then plopped the big box on the counter. "I'm interested. Will the seller do a better price?" Holding my breath, they called the vendor, who's name was Pam, and proposed my offer to her. 

"We never know how she'll take offers. There's good days and bad ones." We wait as the seconds of silence tick while Pam checks her records to see if the price will work for her. And she accepted! I became the new owner of a vintage machine!

Here she is. The Singer Featherweight Model 221. 

She was made in the June 1, 1950 batch run and still sews today. 

Do you have a vintage sewing machine? Here's a site where you can identify your model -
Or just look at the interesting designs of the machines over the years. Thery made ones that look like the form of a nail gun, a band saw, a mix master... They're all so cool! Do you have a vintage machine? Or maybe several?

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Which End Is Up?

A quilt trademark of mine is to put a different color of binding, or an additional row of piecing, along the top edge of the quilt so you can easily identify which end is up. No stinky-feet end should go near anyone's nose!

I put a light strip on this one. It's easy to find the top edge in low light. 

Here's an example of an added row. The delectable mountains say "here's the top edge."

This one had a much larger border on the bottom edge than on the top. 

Try it! 

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Skills of the 1700's

We went to our favorite place today. The Saratoga Battlefield. They were featuring skilled craftsmen of the revolutionary war times. 

This was a tin smith apprentice. 

He showed us some really cool things that they would make back in the day. He was getting to be a really good cup maker. 

Here's other items the tin smiths made. 

Their tools were simple yet effective. 

There was a blacksmith at work on the other side of the tree. 

The other people I spent time chatting with were the tailors and seamstresses. 

These two were making a woman's undergarment that was a predecessor of the corset. The man was also a cobbler. 

This tailor was working on repairing a pair of woolen pants. 

He was dressed to the hilt in his silk hat, shirt, tie, vest, waistcoat, pants, and wool socks... on a sunny 80 degree day. But he was in the shade and said he was comfortable. 

He showed me these. They were beaded wallets that were handmade by him. 

The larger wallet was full of these papers. Reproductions of Continental Currency! He let me keep this one. It's a United Colonies six dollar note. 

We had great fun talking to the artisans and seeing them at work. Almost makes me wish I lived back then. 

Friday, July 11, 2014

Getting Ready for the Fair

It's that time again! The grounds are getting groomed, the buildings are being set up, the place is bustling with activity. It's almost time for the County Fair! 

I'm not the competetive type. I like to enjoy and praise other people's handiwork. But when it comes to the fair, it's game on! Let's see what you've got but I really don't want you to get the ribbon. I want it and I'm not sorry to feel that way. Lol

The entry forms are due in by the 12th. That's tomorrow. My form was hand delivered today. Game on. 

Want to see what I'm entering? This is going against my better judgment but I can't believe there are many, or any, of my competitors who are looking at my blog so here it goes. 

#1. Quilt - baby size. Machine pieced and machine quilted by me. I won't show the entire quilt for obvious reasons. But believe me, this one is an eye-catcher! I will do more FMQ work on it before it's dropped off for judging. 

#2. Tablecloth. Pieced and quilted by me

#3. Wall hanging. Appliqu├ęs and quilted by me.

#4. Hand knit pullover sweater. 

#5. Hand knit scarf. 

#6. Hand knit gloves.

#7. Hand knit hat. 

#8. Machine knit wearable. 

#9. Tatted doily. 

#10. Hand felted tote bag. 

Do you see any winners in here? I'd like to think I have some! What numbers do you like best? Which one(s) do you think will get that coveted ribbon? Are you participating in your county fair? Game on! :)

Friday, July 4, 2014

Independence Day

But not in the way you think of it. 
A matriarch. She fiercely loved her family. She crocheted beautifully. She enjoyed music. She listened. She laughed. She gave all she had to her own. She was a fighter and survivor. Her waters ran deep. 
My MIL passed on early in the morning on July 4th. Her body was overtaken: riddled with cancer, worn out, and still. It was her day of release from oppression. A day to be at peace had come. I will miss you, Mom B.