Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On a snowy day

...everythings coming up... polka dots!

A few months ago, I was browsing around Michaels craft store. Inevitably winding up in the yarn section, I spotted a small Patons Kroy Socks book that I couldn't shake. It had polka dot socks on the cover and I was enamored.

Of course, I pick up the booklet of wonders, flip through the pages, and carefully set it back in it's holder. After checking over the light-weight yarn suppliers, the fantasy of making up the black dotted beauties fill my thoughts. It can be done! I can make them. I have the needles. I need one varigated skein, I have one skein of the black and would only need one more. I go back to the dance, pick up the book, and put it back again.

Exactly why I do this to myself is a mystery. Perhaps it is the guilt of knowing I have so many patterns and projects that I vow to make and don't. Or the idea that it may be a waste of money to pick up an entire book because of the love for one pattern. Maybe it is knowing my tendency to to begin a project only to put it down out of boredom or lack of interest or the realization that I actually can't stand the way it is coming out in real life. After all, photos can be deceiving. And so can clothes on skinny models and mannequins.

The will power finally gave in and I merrily came home with my pattern and yarn. I immediately went for the size 2 DPNs and whipped up some ribbing to stay in the momentum. These are going to be great! Then the holidays hit. It all got put away. But they were only away for a short time. The dots have been calling me and I'm back in the game.

I look forward to finishing the first one pretty soon. Hopefully this week. Then the dreaded 2nd sock syndrome must be ignored so a pair can grace my sock drawer instead of a single sock in my yarn stash. The way I feel about this pattern, I should get them both banged out and on my feet. I just hope they fit into my shoes so they can be used often!

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