Saturday, September 20, 2014

Strip Quilts

I love taking things that are useless and turn them into something. Anything. Useful or pretty or interesting or lovable. Scraps are useless on their own. But cut them into strips and you can turn them into something!

I chose five colors and made the strips. Some I already had and some I cut for this project. 

They were sewed together, sandwiched, and quilted. The back was trimmed and wrapped around to the front for the edge binding. 

I decided to use a zipper foot and blanket stitch to tack it down. 

It worked very well. It gave an interesting graphic touch on the binding. 

This is the crib quilt made of scrap strips. Useful!

I also made a mini quilt that can be used in the car or as a pad. Cute!

The back of the mini quilt. It was free motion quilted on my Viking Eden Rose. 

These strip quilts went to my niece for her baby shower. She loved them! Mission accomplished!

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