Friday, February 12, 2016

Featherweight Quilting Skill Series - Seam Guide

Thank you for coming to my Featherweight Quilting Skill Series! There are thousands of us who love our little 221s but need or want a little more "know-how" on using them to their fullest potential. I hope my posts and videos will help you get more know-how and confidence in using your beautiful Featherweight. Enjoy the classes!

Class #1 - Seam Guide

Class supply list:
Your fully threaded sewing machine, the seam guide, several practice pieces of fabric or a current piecing project. 

Let's get sewing!

Featherweights are a wonderful machine for quilters! Let's go over how useful the seam guide is for piecing accuracy!

First we have to set up the guide. 
I like to use a ruler to measure the distance I want for my seam allowance. 
Hold the tape on the needle and find the allowance you want for the edge of the guide. In this example, I want 1/4" seam so my mark on the tape is 1-3/4" for the seam guide's edge to line up. 

Choose the screw hole closest to the needle for 1/4" seams. The outer hole would be great for larger allowances, such as for clothing patterns.

Place the guide's edge at the measurement line and firmly screw into place. 
Not too tight! Just enough to keep it steady. 

Now you can begin sewing!

Here's a seam in the works. The guide is doing it's job!
Sew right along the seam guide edge in order to maintain a 1/4" seam.
You can admire your consistent seam stitching!

You can easily check and see if your guide needs to be adjusted. I'd bring mine in a little bit.

Check out the video for a visual of how to set the seam guide in place.
Sorry for the bright spot at the end! But you get the idea. The guide will give you a consistent allowance, which is perfect for us quilters!

Here's a quick video of sewing with the guide in place.

Homework: Take your fabric strips and piece them accurately with the assistance of the seam guide. Did you find it helpful in your seaming?

I hope you have been encouraged to use your amazing sewing machine accessories. Please share your pics on our Facebook group page, Featherweight Skill Series, so we can see your creations! 

If you like the series, share the link with your friends, pin it to Pinterest, join my Facebook group... Most importantly, "Let's get sewing!"

See you next time when we will start straight quilting with The Quilter Foot!

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