Sunday, May 1, 2016

Fabric Marking Experiment, Part 2

On Thursday, I marked my white flannel swatch with fine point, washable markers made for kids. 

I had read in a hand quilting group post that these markers were the most reliable for complete washout from fabric. I had to know for myself if this was true!

I filled a small bowl with a drop of laundry soap and tepid water. 

As soon as I set the fabric in the water, the lines began to breakdown. 
You can see they are half dissolved out without any rubbing. 

I rubbed the fabric between my thumb and fingers a few times and all of the lines came out fully. 
Amazing! I'll post again in a month to see if any discoloration has appeared. 

Hand quilters know about marking! They do a lot of it and need a marker that will not stain their work. 
I need markers like that too! A box of these markers will be part of my quilting supply cabinet!

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