Saturday, June 25, 2016

Vintage Machine Find

Don't you love it when you walk through an entire antique store and the very last thing you look at is what you come home with?

That happened to me today. 

I'm a Featherweight devotee. I love the Singers! Back in the day, other companies were competing for the portable sewing machine market.

When I saw this case on the floor, I thought it was a projector. But the red alligator case intrigued me.

I was pretty excited when I stopped to open it!

We tested it out at the store and it ran. It even sewed a few chain stitches. Then the thread got tight and it would stop sewing correctly so I think it needs to be re-threaded with proper thread. 

Check out the fabulous manuals that came with it! And a blue package of Sew-Rite needles from Chicago 11, Illinois. 

And look at the foot pedal. Too cool for words. 

I'll be bringing this baby to my next sewing club meeting. Gotta go get my oil!

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