Saturday, August 13, 2016

Vintage Sewing Machine Oil Can Addition

Do you like flea markets and antiquing? We do! It's fun to root around the tables where they have vintage sewing items and find a treasure or two!

Every now and then we'll spot the little green oil can with the red "S" on the front!

This one is totally empty, and in good, no-dent condition. Considering the size and the dirty condition, it could have been one that a repair tech used at a shop. I wish it still had the screw-top cap! If I could figure out how to refill these things, I'd use them today!

These cans have such a cool vibe. There's a few sizes and they're reasonably priced and they're fun to collect! They complete the case when you snap it into its clip holder. Kinda like having an old metal lunchbox with its matching thermos!

Do you have any original oil cans in your collection of vintage machine items? Share your pics with my Facebook group, Featherweight Skill Series or leave a comment here with a link to your picture or blog.  Now go give your machine a drink!

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