Tuesday, April 6, 2010


It has been many months since I have written anything on my blog. My life took many turns- some planned, some unexpected.  And a long story made short, my efforts and energies were used up after I made dinner, so the task in taking time to do some writing was placed on the back burner. The stories were not gone, just at rest and waiting for their time.  For those of you who have checked for posts since last summer, I thank you for your interest, and apologize to you for making you wait so long for something new to read.

I have much to learn about so many things but find it exhilarating to try new things or see something I've never seen before. To experiment. To create. To see improvement after practice. To rethink things. To live!

One skill I have wanted to expand on is gardening. Growing up on a farm and having fresh produce right outside the front door is a way of life that you never forget. My raised bed is thawed out from winter's grasp, waiting to be of use again.

Last weekend, my father and sister told me that they planted sugar snap peas and asked me if I did yet. This surprised me, since it is only the beginning of April. We may have more frosty mornings over the next 6 weeks, which is a condition little seedlings don't appreciate. It was explained that "...anytime after St. Patrick's Day, you can plant your peas..." according to the expert who I fondly call Dad. I had no seeds so I picked up a bag today and put about half of them in the ground.  It will take about 54 days 'til they can be harvested.

The most amazing thing about gardening is the time between planting and eating. Dirty hands. Putting those dead-looking, dried out seeds in the dirt. Patience. Watering. Watching. Waiting. Seeing the first sign of the plants. Watching for flowers. Examining the growing produce. Looking for the ripe ones every day. Tasting the fresh goodness not found from mega-mart food. It's an incredible process.

Spring is here! Time for renewal, outside and in.

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Laura said...

You've officially inspired me....i need to go out and get some snap peas to plant!