Saturday, February 2, 2013

FMQ Practice - Longarm Machine

My Ringing In The New Year mystery project needed free motion quilting! And this was my tool to do it!

Where do you even start with this? The same place you would start with any quilting project, with a drawing of your design and a pencil. I drew a small scale picture of my pattern and thought about what would look nice on it. There was a book that I had with quilting patterns in it and my machine has a template for all over quilting. I began doodling on my drawing to see what I liked in the squares before I threaded up the longarm. This was not a time for winging it or going on without a plan!

I decided to do two designs on my quilt. In the rectangular areas, I decided to do a large spiral, which you can see in the picture below. In the center of the broken dishes squares, I did two figure eights that were set vertically and horizontally in the center of the square. They're the ones that kind of looked like flowers in the picture.

Here is a shot of the back side of the quilt. You can really see the patterns and the stitch-in-the-ditch travel lines. I like the contrast of the green material with the white thread.

After the FMQ was done, I hand stitched the mock-binding. It does need to be washed to tame the waves and close the needle holes but so far so good! 

Sparkie approves!

Love it and it's ready for a home! 

This mystery is a nice one to do again. It can be easily made into other sizes. The color combinations are endless! Maybe a red and white one would be fabulous.... Or dark and light blue.... What do you think?

Did you finish your mystery project? Let's inspire each other by sharing our work. You can email it to me and I'll post it for you here, or go to my Facebook page (PamelynsPostings) and upload the picture there. Stitch on!

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