Saturday, November 30, 2013

Double Whammy

The time has come. My new heater for ThistleFire, my sewing room, was in place and the longarm machine was warmed up and ready to go!

I had two Ringing In The New a year quilts to stitch up. No time like the present! On the rollers they go. Yes, both of them fit on ol' Bessie's bars! That's a big time saver!

Since these quilts are matching, I wanted to distinguish them with the free motion stitching. The feminine one has soft, circular patterns throughout each design.

The masculine one needed something more, well, masculine. I chose to make each stitch pattern to be straight and angular. 

I believe my ideas worked out pretty well. I can't wait to deliver them to the owner! They are to be Christmas gifts and I as honored to create them!

Are you making any Christmas projects? Only 3 weeks left. Crunch time!


Anonymous said...

Your doubling up is a little like knitting both socks at once so a pair gets finished. Nice to have such a long longarm. The quilting looks good. Any danger of mixing up and continuing one pattern on the other?

Pamelyn B said...

Hi Knit N Kwilt! I was trying to be very aware about that. What I did was tie off the quilting on one and restart the second in order to keep them from getting the wrong pattern. It could have been an unconscious boo boo! Good point!