Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Ever think about tension? It gets dialed in and changes your stitches. Most times, we don't have to mess with it very much. 

I was paying attention to something  lately. There's another kind of tension that occurs when you sew. It shows in different ways with everyone. Sometimes it isn't there at all or it's there and we don't realize it. 

For me, it looks like this (check out my lips)

Or this- 

This is not a relaxed face. It's tense. It's something I try to be aware of so I can let it go. My sewing needs joy on it, not more tension. 

Did you ever try to smile when you sew? Or hum a happy tune? Or pray over the piece to be a blessing to the person who is going to get it? Try it! Projects will look better to you when you do!

Speaking of projects, here's a WIP (work in progress) that I started tonight. 

It's a good looking pile of squares and 1/2 square triangles! Wait til you see what it turns into when it's done! 

Now loosen up, stop being so hard on your work, and enjoy the quilting process! What's under your needle?

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