Friday, March 7, 2014

Building Blocks FMQ - 9 Patch #1

In my excitement, I hastily made my 9 patch blocks incorrectly. They don't have the 2" borders around the squares, they only have 1" borders. Oopsie!

But does that stop my FMQ-ing? No way!

This morning, I thought, "Today is a great day to do circles!" To further challenge myself, I didn't mark the small circles but I did mark for the large ones. As I was sewing, the song "I Had The atime Of My Life" came on. How appropriate!

What does your face look like when you sew? I started to think about my facial expressions and realized they usually were tense. Smiling while you sew makes a big difference! Now, when I look at these pics of my block, they make me smile. That's a great result!

I like the way the big circles intermingle with the small ones. I'm pretty happy with the way they all came out, considering the minimal marking I did. Can't wait to get to the next block! 

Want to join in on the fun? Go to Leah Day's website and get started. There's no time limit and no deadlines. FMQ with me!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Pamelyn, I like your circles! I'm impressed by your freehand shapes.

I think I look pretty serious when I quilt, kind of lost in concentration. I mitigate that by playing music that I like so sometimes I'm singing along!