Sunday, March 9, 2014

Stash Control - the Quiltville Way

The ever mounting stash of scraps in ThistleFire, my sewing room, has been something I've wanted to get under control. Almost a year ago, Bonnie Hunter was in my area and I went to her presentation. She shared her way to tame the scrap pile. Her plan has been mulling in my mind and today I decided to start getting it organized.

Here's what w I was dealing with. The pile on the table wasn't too bad. It was the big bin that I can't keep adding to. It was time to end the mess!

If you haven't seen Bonnie's scrap control procedures, you can find them in the tips tab on her Quiltville blog. In a nutshell, you cut strips, squares, bricks, and the larger pieces so they are ready to get pulled for your next project. All precut and ready for the pattern!

Here's my pile from the table and a small part from the big bin cut and organized. 

A means of storing them is still needed but I am happy to have begun the process! This is a big undertaking but once I'm caught up, it will be easy to continue the prep cuts on future scraps. 

I think a small chunk of time, like 15 minutes, each day will really make a dent that will encourage me to finish. This is a time consuming process. You can't cut stacks of fabric when trimming out scraps. But the end result is reward of its own. 

Do you organize your scraps? What do you do with them?

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