Sunday, April 6, 2014

Empire QuiltFest

It was right in my backyard! I attended this show put on by Quilt North Guild in Clifton Park, NY. 

There were 250 entries this year. This show is really becoming a big event!

The local school's gymnasium was filled with wonderful pieces of fiber art. 

I saw appliqué. 

Hawaiian quilting. 

Paper piecing. 


Mixed work. 

I thought this basket was just wonderful. 

Whole cloth quilting. Oh, this one was hand quilted!

Updated Dutch style quilts. 


Diamond work. 

Something you don't see much - hand tied blocks. 


Piecing that doesn't have curves in it but looks like it does after it's assembled. 

Stained glass quilting. 

And there weird so many more that I didn't snap a shot of. 

It was so fun to see other quilters' accomplishments. I had a piece of pecan pie, strolled through the vendor room. Tried out a handi quilter mid arm tabletop machine and a stitch regulated long arm and went home very happy. 

Maybe next year I can make something to enter at QuiltFest! Will you?

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Sarah said...

I was at the Quilt Fest on Saturday. Many nice quilts there. Each time I go, I tell myself "next time I'll enter something" and I always forget! I have one wall hanging that I'd love to enter into shows, but my husband doesn't want to take it down from the wall now that we finally got it up there. Hahaha. Time to finish the next one so I can enter a quilt. ;c)