Saturday, April 12, 2014

Border Exchange - The Big Reveal

Back in September, the Second Saturday Quilting Club began a swap that consisted of taking a center panel and adding a border to it. There were five of us who were brave enough to participate. Each meeting, we'd get a new panel and had to add a border to it. All the progress was kept a secret so no one knew what their panel looked like. The project was described as challenging, frustrating, skill-building, thought provoking...but...

We were all so excited for this day to come! The day of the big reveals!!

Jacqueline started with a super cute, folk art panel with cats and flowers on it. Her reveal!

Bonnie made colorful snowballs and borders that had words embroidered on them for her center panel. Her reveal!

Liz started out with a lovely, large checkerboard heart panel. Her reveal!

Here's mine! The center panel was a paper piecing pattern of melons and triangles. My reveal!

Our inspirational leader, Janis, brought a fabulous yo yo apple panel. Her reveal!

Here's all of them together! Aren't they all great! All so different yet so beautifully crafted. 

Which one(s) do you like? We all were so happy with the outcomes. This was a really great challenge!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this Pam. Loved being a part of this. It was so much fun!