Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Wholecloth Quilting

A few years ago, I was trying to find help with free motion quilting. Leah Day's site, videos, and blog gave me the knowledge and confidence to give it a go. I had much to learn but I knew I could do it!

Wholecloth quilting was one of those new things to try. A small project was what I needed to start and Leah had a very pretty pattern that I couldn't resist! You can get this pattern from her site too! I did make it a tad smaller, since I was in a time crunch to get it done, and it's still gorgeous!

Since my mom was the person who told me to "try quilting", this went to her as a Mother's Day gift the day after it was completed. She displays it by her chair in the living room. 

I am happy I mustered up the guts to learn FMQ. It's a wonderful craft and I just love making stuff like this. Leah's a great teacher. I hope I can share what I've learned with others as well. 

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Hazel said...

Very nice