Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Bargello Lone Star - Set In Seaming Pt 1

I always think I'm going to get so much more done in the sewing room than I do. Does that happen with you? I'm at the point in BLS where it's set in seam time. 

Some people cringe at that skill. With proper cutting and accurate seam allowance, it's not that bad. You have to get around a turn in your straight line. This can be done!

So I have the diamonds ready to be attached into twos. There will be four sets of these. 

The triangle will be set in the right side of each set. 

Tip: sew the white part a smidge extended beyond the colored piece. 

When it's ironed, you won't have dark shadows showing past the white seam. 

There are four sets of this piece. 

The next seam is the one with the set in angle, up the center and pivoting to the right. 

This step will be shown in part 2!

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cherylann9 said...

Looking good Pamelyn would love to try this. Just doesn't seem to be enough hrs in the day to get through my to do list. :)