Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Bargello Lone Star - Set In Seaming Pt 2

After getting past a number of busy days, and a touch of procrastination, I got back to tackling the set in seams today. The first two panels were pinned and waiting for me!

There are a couple ways to do Y seams. Start at one end and sew to the Y or start at the Y and sew to the end. I am doing one of each, breaking thread between each seam run, and 

First, the point of the "y" needs to be marked. I love the Fons and Porter ceramic mechanical pencil for this job. I used a ruler to ensure the 1/4" placement for the start and stop point was accurate. 

That part with the little X goes under the foot and it helps with getting the needle exactly where it needs to go. Can you see it in the center hole? 

Sewing along bias edges can be challenging if edges get stretched. Slow and steady wins this race. 

We're half way done! That blue raw edge is turned over and pinned along the raw edge of the white fabric. 

This time, I'm starting from the edge and sewing to the center mark in the Y. 

I reached the X in the center! 

Remove the pins and admire that Y seam! If the seams don't lay flat, pick out a few stitches in the point and restitch. Press seams to lock stitches. 

Well, I have seven more white panels to add. This Lone Star quilt will be done this month!

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