Sunday, July 26, 2015


How many times did you look at a piece if clothing and thought, "I love this but wish it were different." 

Probably more times than not. 

We all have a closet full of clothes that sorta fit. Or are ok. Wouldn't you rather have them be what you want? Or have them fit better?

The answer to this problem is encapsulated in one word - alterations. 

Take a dress and make it a robe. Like this dress I transformed for someone. 

The front of the dress was cut open and I stitched piping down each side and then added a pretty, silver clasp on it to keep it closed. A zipper or other closures could be used on this as well. She wanted the one spot to close so that's what she got!

Why wear baggy or misshapen clothes when they can be fixed? Let me know if I can help you with alterations! Feel great in what you wear!

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