Tuesday, July 21, 2015

My Day at the Fair

After waiting three long days, the judging results were seen. There were 22 quilts this year. 

Here are my entries-

Moonlight and Roses, blue Bargello quilt

Got a red ribbon

Building Blocks

Got a red ribbon 

And last but certainly not least...

Dancing Butterfly 

Got a blue ribbon 

And got the Best In Show Visual Impact award!

I am humbled. It's amazing to see success. Four years ago, I didn't even know how to FMQ. But lots of studying and lots of practice and lots of start overs, this is where I'm at. 

Thanks to my mom for encouraging me to "try quilting", to my awesome husband for his support through my good and not so good moments, and to the amazing teachers' resources where I've learned so much about the art of quilting. 


Patricia Williams said...

Congratulations! Well earned!

Ann said...

Congratulations! Your quilts are gorgeous