Sunday, August 2, 2015

Featherweight For Sale - SOLD!

People love these beauties! They're wonderful to take places due to their manageable weight. And when they are clean, like this one is, that shine is irresistible!

I have a June 11, 1937 Singer Featherweight that is available and ready for a new home!

The first thing I did was clean her - she got a deep cleaning inside and out. No more goo on her gears. No more grime on her bed. After an oiling and wax, she shined up beautifully!

The decals show some wear but Are now protected under four layers of wax. There are a few bed blemishes, but they are character marks!

The tension assembly was very clean. No rust inside there! I cleaned up each piece and it works great.

Adjusting both the upper and bobbin tension settings, this Featherweight finally got dialed in!

Even the bobbin got cleaned up. There was a huge piece of lint inside and it was set way too tight. Now it's clean and releasing nicely!

Oh, how we love that beautiful scroll plate! 

She just shined for her pictures!

What is that? I know; it's not vintage. But the original belt, which does work, has cracks, so I got this brand new belt. However, I have also included the original belt in the box so you can have it if you want to find one that looks more like the original. This belt will last longer than a leather one. You can decide whether or not you want to use it. Would I use it? I would.

She fits beautifully in her box.

This is a tall box with the accessories housed in a tray on top. 

The book looks barely touched. I love the fact it comes with the "inspected" paperwork from the NJ factory. 

All the accessories and feet listed in the book are in the tray and I've included a few extras as well. There are the feet, a seam guide,two screwdrivers, five extra bobbins.....

...needles, a tube of lubricant, an extra light, the awesome little oil can with some oil in it, the power controller, an extra felt spool pin washer, the key for the case, and the original motor belt. 

The box is complete - no missing parts.

The base of the box needs some gluing.

Get ready to show up at your next quilting club meeting with this beauty!

If you ever wanted a Featherweight, here's your chance. She sews great and needs nothing. 

I'm asking $425 for everything, plus shipping if applicable. I accept credit card payments through PayPal. I'm in the Albany, NY area and could meet you locally if you can come get it in person. Please leave a comment for me if you want to take her home!

Want to learn how to maintain your vintage machine? I teach classes on that!

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