Saturday, August 15, 2015

Singer Slant Buttonholer - Retro Pink in Torpedo Case

I was in the antique store with heightened senses looking for new sewing treasures. Then I saw it. The pink torpedo case!

It was a retro buttonholer! It was complete and clean and looked like it was never used. 
I had to have it!

Off to home I go with it tucked under arm. 
Upon closer examination of the main unit, I saw this engraving-

See it on the metal piece? It says SLANT. I don't have a slant needle machine! 
What a disappointment. I died a little inside. Been there? 

But I regrouped my thoughts and looked for the good. There must be someone out there who would love this gem. So I'm offering it for sale. I know there's gotta be someone out there with a slant needle machine who would love getting one of these!

The case is in great shape. No scratches or damage there. 

The unit is gorgeous. Clean!

The feed dog cover plate is there and super clean!

The booklet said there were 5 cams. Here's two. 

Here's two more. 

And the fifth one is in the unit itself. Just like the booklet described.

Remove the cam and see the inside gear is so clean. 

Close the back plate - no dents, scratches, or use there. 

The finger area is perfect!

Man, I wish I could use this accessory. I can't, but if you can, it can be yours!

Price is $30, plus $9 shipping/handling if applicable. I accept cleared checks, PayPal, or cash if we can do a face-to-face transaction. Please contact me if interested! I'd love to see it go to a good home!

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