Thursday, September 1, 2016

Hemming Silky Fabrics

One job that is tedious but becomes manageable with the right tool is sewing narrow hem seams on silky fabric.

Fortunately, the Foot Hemmer can help you sew a hem that you can be proud of!

I had a long evening dress with a lining that needed to be shortened 6 inches. Trimmed down to length, it was ready for hemming. 

The lining was made of satin. It was a firmer fabric and fed through the Foot Hemmer very well. 

The dress fabric was a silk charmeuse. It had less stability but with careful guidance into the foot, the hem stitched up nicely!

With the Foot Hemmer, you can hem beautiful narrow hems for miles!

See how to use this foot in the tab on the top of the page labeled "Featherweight Skill Series - The Basics" and start hemming today! Join and share your pics in my Facebook group, Featherweight Skill Series. Let's get sewing!

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