Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A day in the life - November 8, 2016

What's this real estate agent up to today? Well, things are getting interesting, I have to admit. Tuesdays are Broker's Open House days and today I went to see one!

Into the car I go, driving down Route 9 to find Greyleaf Drive, proudly displaying the company banner on my car.

A couple turns later, there it was. The tell tale sign on the lawn. 
So I made a Curbside Video! 

And the sun was shining! The birds were chirping! Nice curb appeal!

What do you think of this living room? Love that sugar cookie wall color!

The kitchen had a modern feel to it with the gray, white, and chrome.

Oh, I am a sucker for fireplaces and leather furniture!
Can you picture yourself lounging in here on a chilly evening?

The basement was finished, but not well used. It was definitely spacious.

The back yard was modest in its size.
Not too big to dread mowing but big enough to enjoy grass under foot.

All done -

The sellers have their agent to look out for their best interests and to help them sell this house.
If you have any questions about this, or any property that you want to consider buying, do the smart thing and get your own agent to look out for your best interests, namely me!

That was ONE of the many things I did today. Interesting, don't you think?! Keep my number handy when you need it and share it with others when they need it! Thanks for checking out my post! Catch you on another Day In The Life!

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