Friday, December 9, 2016

Featherweight Project - Cashmere Covered Pillows

Ever go through your closet and start to weed out the things that don't fit anymore, or are not things you wear much, or just need to get tossed? Sometimes those things are too good to toss and need a new purpose. I looked at some sorry looking pillows and stuffed them into the worn sweaters. Voila, the cashmere covered pillows started to come to life.

This is not a ground breaking discovery. There are many websites that show their way of making them. Here's the way I did mine.

I bought a couple 16" pillow forms. They fit nicely into the size sweaters I had to work with.

The first thing to do is turn the pillow inside out and line up the ruler along the side so you can cut off the sleeves. I was surprised at how easily the blade cut through the knitted fabric.

Before moving the sweater, it must be pinned so the raw edges stay together properly.

Sewing on my Featherweight, I used the longest stitch length setting, a regular needle, all purpose thread, medium foot pressure, and the regular sewing foot. No big adjustments there!
If you need refreshers on these settings, go to Featherweight Skill Series, The Basics for help.

Start sewing up from the armpit end of the cut line, back an inch in the side seam and then all the way to the shoulder edge. Backstitch on both ends.

Be careful that your foot doesn't get buried underneath the knitting! If it does, stop, back up until you're cleared, and continue.

Both edges are done. Now we have to deal with cutting the top edge of the sweater.

Mine had buttons and I wanted to keep them on my pillow. This one has to come off so I can cut and sew the top edge.

Turn the sweater inside out and line up the edges on your mat. Then use the ruler to cut just above the shoulder seams and just above the lowest point of the collar.

Pin it in place! Those edges won't stay together if they aren't secured!

Sew along the top edge, being careful to keep the two layers in the front overlapped as though it were buttoned. (If you have a solid front, you would just sew it, of course!)

Clip the corners to remove the bulk so they come out better.

Now stuff the pillow form into the cashmere cover. Looking good! One more edge to do!

I folded the front side ribbing on top of back side ribbing and pinned it in place. The edges were box folded. It was the same sort of way that you'd wrap a present with paper.

Then, to keep things really neat and invisible, I hand sewed that edge closed. It kind of looks like a crimped pastry!

Don't forget to add that last button on the top edge!

And there it is. A sleek, super soft, cashmere covered pillow. I have many more that I want to make!

These would make nice gifts. I hope you try this out! If you do, share your pics of your creations with us on my Facebook group, Featherweight Skill Series so we can be even more inspired!

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