Monday, March 3, 2008

It's a good thing yesterday's sermon was about stress...

...because a very stressful thing happened this morning. I was just sitting down with my cup o' joe getting ready to dive into for today's chapters. Then it started.Our cat was stepping off of a shelf in the kitchen and decided it would be a really cool idea to use the top edge of a guitar case to get down to the floor. The case was, of course, quite unstable under the pressure of her foot and fell over making a very loud noise. This noise alone was stress-inducing, especially first thing in the morning when one is not yet fully awake. There was no guitar in the case and if that was the end of it, my story would have been kinda funny.

As you can see, there is more to this scenario. She, being scared by the loud crashing noise, peeled out to get away from the scene of her crime. While doing this, she hit a guitar stand that was holding a 1989 Washburn limited edition hollow body jazz guitar. This stand fell forward and so did the guitar - right onto the ceramic stone floor and right onto the neck at the nut. The nut cracked into pieces and the strings all shifted out of place. That also made a very loud noise. It made the kind of noise that when you hear it you go, "oh no, what was THAT???".

Well, Vince said the guitar in itself is ok. The nut can be replaced and it will play again. I think all the animals hid until we left for work after all this happened today. They all felt the stress. I still haven't quite figured out how yesterday's message can help me with this other than realizing that not everything is in my control, as hard as I try to keep things in order. All is well, the sun still came up and set, just as it should. God is in control. I think it's time to pick up where I started and get into the Word now. Peace.

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