Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Simple pleasures - pt 1

A few weeks ago, I heard about a book authored by Robin McGraw (Dr. Phil's wife) which has been out for a number of months now called "What's Age Got To Do With It?". I was interested but hesitated looking for it since it sounded like it was for "old people". I certainly do not want to think of myself as "old" you know. If I read that book, then I am placing myself in that category. That is so far from accurate, but I stayed away from the bookstore for that very silly reason.

Well, last week, I got an e-mail from Borders offering a coupon for 40% off any book in a store purchase. I printed it out. I made a mental note of the two days it was good for. I stuffed that coupon into my purse and went about my business. The day came and I decided to go take a look at the book for old people. Been there? I know, how silly.

Let me interject something here. Robin is well into her 50's but you would never know it by looking at her. The cover of the book has her slim body in a black outfit and she is wearing massively high heels. Not a pair of shoes for a tall girl like me. You may as well be wearing pointe shoes on stage to get a higher heel raise. But, I had to admit, her appearance is great! OK, maybe the book isn't quite so taboo. Curiousity won over and I bought the book at 40% off. That was a price I could let go of for a book about aging. Silly. *Sigh*

Very unlike how I usually am, I wasn't eager to share my new purchase with my hubby. As a matter of fact, I would read it wide open so you couldn't see the cover and when it was put on the side table, it was covered over with my knitting basket, or with another book. I didn't want anyone to see it but me. I could still return the thing if I wanted to...I have a week to decide about that! Silly.

I read that darn book in two days, and I am not what people would call "a reader". I would rather rent a movie or documentary before sitting down with a boring old book. But this one was different; it was just wonderful! Robin gave tips and advice and life experiences which spanned decades. Anyone at any age can benefit from this book! And thanks to her insight, I have decided to take on some simple pleasures in my daily routine, of which I will share over several posts. I have nothing to be embarassed about. This adventure is not so silly afterall.


Libby said...

You go girl! And by the way, you are not old by any means!

Pamelyn said...

Thanks Libby. I don't think I will ever act my age!