Thursday, February 26, 2009

Simple pleasures - pt 2

I have been on a cleaning spree. Some may call it spring cleaning. Some may say it's the result of having the afternoons off so you gotta do something with your time. I call it pride of ownership. My house is not the biggest place out there, but it suits us well and we have made it our own since we bought it in 2003.

When I was little, my mom did everything she could think of to get me to keep my room clean. In general, I was not all that interested in putting my clothes away or dusting. I was more into being outside or helping out my dad with his chores. As a result, my messes would get stashed in the closet or under the bed. Not so good for me, I had three older siblings who taught her all the tricks, and she always knew where to find the messes that I was always trying to hide from her, and would put them in a big pile in the middle of the floor and told me to "clean it up" as she walked out of my room. Ok, ok, I surrender.

Every now and then I would get inspired to clean up and redecorate when an awesome poster would come in the new Tiger Beat or Dynamite magazine, or if I just had that itch to throw things out in order to make room for something new and fabulous.

My first simple pleasure of the day is to spend the one minute it takes to make the bed in the morning. I drag myself out from the comforts of our toasty warm blankets and make my way to the coffee pot. By the time my honey is up, I am ready to straighten out the linens and pop my handmade teddy bear-ess on the pillows, complete with her hand crocheted shawl and ribbon flowers adorning her hands, feet, collar and ears. It's kinda like putting a cherry on top of an ice cream sundae. I am finding it to be a pleasure to walk into this special room and see it be so neat and pretty.

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