Saturday, July 21, 2012

Match - Set - Game!

OK, not really. This post has absolutely nothing to do with tennis. Just sewing and pillows.

I recently gave a sneak peek at the Cathedral Windows pattern I was working on. The time it took to finish it up was worth the wait. I had a few hurdles to jump before I could cruise on to "game" (my silly play on the word for "being finished") such as the backing color, how to make the front panel larger, etc, etc, etc.... I decided today was the day to get 'er done and I did! Hooray!!!

Interestingly, as I was sewing my little heart out, I checked my email and someone asked me if I might do some alteration work on a formal dress for her. This was intriguing to me that people I know think of me as more than a person who sews or quilts. I was quite honored to read that I was recommended as a seamstress capable of doing alterations. Wowzers!

Well, back to the game. After choosing a mottled green for the back and dark green and blue for the top, I began getting a long awaited plan. The dark green strip for the top extension would look so pretty if it was rouched and the set on the blue. You can barely see the blue strip on the corners, but it is there! It sewed together slowly and to my delight, the top was done. Now it's mere moments to the end. Sandwich the front and back together, sew around most of it, stuff it with the 16" pillow form, and hand sew the opening. I LOVE it even more than I thought I would!

Placing them together on the couch gave me much satisfaction. To me, they look like sun and the stars. What a great reminder of our loving God and how we should stop to gaze upon His beautiful creation all around us, both day and night. I am so pleased with my set of experimental pillows. These were really fun projects. I hope you enjoy seeing them!

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