Saturday, January 4, 2014

Celtic Solstice Mystery Project - Clue 6, Part 2

The second block in Celtic Solstice is Bonnie's own design called Birthday Girl. I shared the background of 54-40 Or Fight in my last post. I wonder the story behind this name. Who was the birthday girl? tell!

It has a few challenges for me. There's a lot of angles and bias lines on this pretty block and it can be harder to match lines up. I'm sure if you had the Quiltmaker's book mentioned in the clue, the instructions would be helpful. But I don't have a copy of it so here's how it panned out for me.

Right out of the starting gate, I laid out, and consequently sewed the first two piece sets wrong. The V is pointing down instead of up. Doht! At least I realized after the second one instead of after the twenty second one!

Even though there weren't as many seams to "marry", I took advantage of them where I could. 

I eyeballed the top of these squares to get them in line before zipping that side seam up.

I love chain sewing. Don't you?

Some of my points lined up great and some not so much. C'est la vie! This quilt is going to my hubs and I know he won't notice that the points aren't all perfect.

It's exciting to get to this stage in the construction. Only 2 seams left!

Sweet satisfaction! 25 Birthday Girl blocks sewn, pressed, and ready for quilt-top action!

One other thing I made today was some artisan bread. 4 ingredients, no kneading, and perfect with a hearty soup. We woke to a temperature of -8 degrees this morning. My oven had to go on today!

How's your quilt coming along? I still have more of my custom border to complete. My next post will be the assembled top! Check back soon!

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