Sunday, January 5, 2014

Celtic Solstice Mystery Project - Completion

Well, not exactly completion. More like a reveal that a completion! But here we are, linking up with the Celtic Solstice mystery on Quiltville again! 

So, I managed to get the blocks done on schedule! Not much to show for techniques since it is all about lining up the seams and sewing blocks together. We got that down from my last two posts for this clue!

I laid out the blocks and a little bit of the border options on the floor, since I do not have a design wall yet, to get a look. Love it!
I placed this picture on quiltville's Facebook page when Bonnie asked for progress shots. I also asked her about my border idea. She said to "save it for another quilt. :)"

Sewing blocks and then rows and more blocks and more rows... suddenly I only had three seams left! One on top, one on the bottom, and one down the middle. Right sides together- let's sew it up!

It really is a great quilt. My hubby can't wait til it's done as it's his last Christmas gift! 

The sashings and borders still have to be done. I am going to complete it as the pattern says and add my little border on the top edge so you always know which way is up!

Thanks for checking out my posts during this adventure! I'll link up on February 3rd to show this quilt in action!

I hope I gave some decent food for thought about some techniques in my many posts throughout this mystery. Let me know if you make my easy-level mystery quilt. I plan to release another mystery project in the spring! 

Please stop by and chat with me some more in the future. I have some interesting things developing this year and will be blogging about it all. You can also visit my Facebook page. All the best to you in '14!!!


Cheryl in Friendsville said...

Your quilt looks great!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the colours.

Debra Crumbaker said...

I do like your little blocks in the border to denote the top of the quilt. I agree with Bonnie that it would have been too much all the way around the quilt, but on the top only it is nice. Looks great! I'm sure your husband will be waiting patiently for it to be finished.

Andee said...

Very nice, what an accomplishment!

Leona Shivji said...

Your quilt looks great...well done!! I am far behind, and can't wait to see how mine will turn out

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pam! Looks great and the original top border makes it uniquely yours!

marinebull said...

I enjoyed seeing your blog and your unique quilt. Great job!