Sunday, January 26, 2014

Easy Piecing

I stumbled across a nice looking block while surfing around in Pinterest the other day. It's called Anita's Arrowhead.

I thought it was worth checking out and the blogger said it was a pattern she found in Quiltmaker. Doesn't it look complicated? It's not! You cut squares, stack them, sew around the edges just so, make 3 cuts and your piecing is done! Press and sew them all back together to wind up with one of these. I immediately made four in one sitting. 

Which layout do you like better? #1

Or #2

I have enough of this fabric to make 12 more blocks. I can easily make 4-6 in one night' session. That will give me 16 by the time I'm done. Sewn together, I'll have a 48" X 48" top. Add some borders and you've got a pretty throw for the back of a couch or for a child's room. Not bad for a few days of easy piecing!

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