Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Let's Be Precise

There are ways to be precise. You can be analytical. You can admit to and fix mistakes, as many times as necessary. You can measure twice before you cut. You can determine when to start over. You can sew slowly.

Then you'll be ready to make precision paper pieced quilts. 

You may be thinking, "What? I thought paper piecing does the hard work for you. Perfect points and all."

Then why are points still cut off on some of the blocks? Or why are they uneven or unmatched? I think it's because fabric moves and shifts under the needle. We have to learn how to coax it to do what we want. There are places to be taught. Guilds, Clubs, online resources, such as Craftsy. 

Here's an example of a pattern from a Craftsy class that I decided to challenge myself with. 

This is paper pieced with freezer paper. Love this newly learned method! No tearing off the foundation paper for me again!

You can see the first half of the spikes are looking pretty good. 

These almond shapes are pinned on to make the curved sides. 

Here it is all together. I am happy with my first attempt. The corner blocks still need to be made and added so the finished block will come out square. 

Even with the fuss to be precise (the rip outs and do-overs, the starting again, the measuring twice, the slow sewing) given to this piece, it's still not perfect. But it IS way better than I've ever paper pieced before! Ultimately, I'm happy with it! Can't wait til the corners are done!

Keep working on your precision construction practice. Slow down and analyze your work. Fix mistakes. You too will see improvement! Have something to share? Leave a link in the comment or post on my Facebook page, Pamelyn's Postings. Bye!

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