Sunday, December 14, 2014

Grand Illusion - Part 3

Here we go - Grand Illusion's clue #3! I have linked up on Quiltville's page with lots of other talented quilters where we can share our progress with each other. Thank you for visiting mine!

I grabbed some new black fabric. The fabric I used last time was a little weird and I saw a good sized remnant that I liked the other day so it was put to use! Since I chose to make a half size project, I needed 3 WOF strips of black, 12 of green, and 9 of neutral. 

Sewing the strips together is hypnotizing! I love these colors! It looks like ribbon candy!

Bonnie was very clear about needing to be precise in the 1/4" seam and having the pieces come out exactly right. My machine has a small etching on the plate (right in front of my fingertip) so you know where the edge of the fabric needs to not cross over for the 1/4" allowance. I try to stay just next to it so I get the "scant" 1/4" seam.

The sets are pieced and sub-cut. Stacked in piles of 10, ready for the second seam!

Press, press, press! Snip, snip, snip!

Stack, stack, stack! All done for this week!

Into the mystery box they go. It's looking rather interesting in there!

How did you do on this week's clue? Any ideas on what it will look like? We can only wait to see!

My weekend had some present wrapping as part of the festivities. My puppy thought a spot under the tree was a good place for a nap. I agree!

My mystery project, Dazzle Burst, will begin showing its clues in January. I am so excited to share it! If you are of a confident beginner, you will be able to make my project! 


Andee said...

Looking good!

Vireya said...

Beautiful fresh green units! Love the puppy sleeping under the tree.