Sunday, December 7, 2014

"Dazzle Burst" Mystery Introduction

It's been two years since my first mystery quilt pattern, Ringing In The New Year, was released. I figured it is past time for another mystery!

There were a lot of ups and downs that transpired over those 24 months. Beginnings and endings, births and deaths, joys and struggles. But whenever I wanted, I knew I could look forward to the wonders that would come out of ThistleFire, my sewing room! This was a place where I could express my artsy-self in fabric and thread. Ringing In The New Year was a hit! It won 2nd place in the county fair and several were ordered to be enjoyed in homes. You can find that pattern in the mystery tab!

There are many pattern ideas that I have but Dazzle Burst is ready to be debuted. And what a way to start a new year - bursting into 2015 with something dazzling! My project will come out at 54" X 62" be a personal sized quilt that could be continued on and multi-bordered to make it large enough for any bed. You'll just have to do the math and get more fabric!

My mystery projects are manageable sizes and can be done by a confident beginner so as long as you know the basics of quilting and can sew a straight line, you should have no problem making my patterns! Just read the posts and follow along. If you aren't comfortable doing giant projects or feel like you can't keep up with the skills of other QALs, try my patterns out. I hope you do!

So let's get at the supply list!

Dazzle Burst Mystery Quilt - Introduction

A while ago, I was walking through the paint isle and grabbed a bunch of color swatch cards to keep in my sewing room. These are handy for picking out colors while in the fabric store! Our project is going to be two colors with two tones of each color. 

My two color choices are blue and yellow. The two tones of each color are the top and bottom squares on my cards. 

Here are my fabric choices. Two dark and two lighter shades of each color!

I chose mottled solids but you can use a small pattern print or go all scrappy! Just stay within the shade scheme. 

The exact names of the colors doesn't matter as much as the tones do. Grab the dark yellow card and get one yard of this shade.  

Get one yard of the dark blue.

Get one yard of the medium yellow. 

And get one and a half yards of the medium blue. 

Get 1/2 yard of a complimentary color, like rusty-orange or a darker shade of blue, or pick out a fabric with coordinating blue and yellow shades in it. 

Grab a package of batting that's around 60"x70". 

Your last fabric also needs to be large enough to cover 60"x70" so get 1&3/4 yards of 90" or 3&1/2 yards of 44" and seam it to make it to size. This can be any color you choose or you can make it from your stash!

Get 7 yards (or at least 240") of a dark shade of single-fold binding strip that will go well with the colors in the top. You can purchase it premade or make it yourself. I will make my own by cutting 4" width of fabric strips, sewing the ends together to make it very long, and pressing it (with starch) in half. 

Pull out your rotary cutter, mat, ruler, scissors, thread, pins, iron sewing machine. Get a new blade and needle installed if needed. :)

Optional items: EZ Angle cutting template and spray starch. For a homemade version, see this post.

That's it! Feel free to change up your colors, just choose a cool color (like blue) and a warm color (like yellow) and get two shades of each color. 

The first clue will be revealed on January 1, 2015! I hope you'll join in on the fun! 

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