Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A Common Thread

Today, I had the sweetest visit with a beautiful lady in her golden years about quilting. We shared how we got started and things we've made. Shows we've been to and things we'd like to do in the future. She was gracious enough to show me her many machines, from a Baby Lock serger to a Bernina sewing machine to a beautiful Singer "red eye" treadle. There were more around the house that I didn't get introduced to. She invited me to her quilting group and I plan to visit and see her there soon!

As I drove home after this encounter, I thought about how I met her in the garage while my car was getting inspected and we started to chat because she saw me hand sewing a binding strip on a small quilted wall hanging. I thought about how, even though we were strangers a few weeks ago, we were easily connected over a common thread, if you will. What a wonderful gift quilting gives where we can express ourselves with and can inspire and connect with others. I dreamed one night about how I was telling someone how I just want to help people. I've always felt this way. 

I know I was inspired today. I hope I can give some of the same inspiration to you! And then you can inspire others too!

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Leah Day said...

Beautiful! Yes, quilting is an amazingly powerful craft - both healing and connecting. This was a beautiful story Pamelyn!