Sunday, February 22, 2015

Bikers Like Memory Quilts Too

I have a friend who makes tshirt memory quilts and I have been dubbed "her quilter" for them. Me! We have put together some fun quilts and this one is by far the wildest! And one of my biggest that I've done in a while. 

It covered the entire table behind my machine! The chairs would keep it from sliding onto the floor. 

Check out these shirts! They needed something more special than a simple all-over design. 

I would do lots of outlining around the art.

The wording would be bubbled or underlined.

There were places where echoing looked good. 

Sometimes you can't see much of the stitching. But it's in there!

The stitches in the flag made it look 3D in the folds of the wave. 

There was quite a bit of stitching in here but the graphics hid it well. 

Outlining the three features in this block made them pop. 

Crazy graphics!

The red stitches in the eyes, nose, and mouth made this one look really unique.

I never realized there were so many biker events in so many places. 

I love the way this one came out. I almost want to be a biker!

Circular outlining came in handy here!

Curve lines fit this bill. 

And straight anglular lines were a must here. 

This one wanted echoes. 

This was another one where the red stitching added a lot to the look of the face.

The south gets in on the biker action!

It's hard to see here but every rider and all the words and banners are outlined. 

The red looked really cool in this grey-toned shirt. 

The head and headlight are outlined and they puff up. 

All of the borders were sewn in this flamey stipple. 

Here it is in action! I'm going to have to smuggle it out of the house to keep it away from my hubby!

And the back has black and flames. Perfect for any biker!

If you would like a custom tshirt quilt made for you, leave a comment to let me know! We'll get it done for you!

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