Saturday, February 28, 2015

Ready For Spring

I'm not alone to say, "I'm ready for spring!" This winter has been cold and gray; we all need to see color around us again. 

Last year, my splash of spring during the blah days of winter was the making of this banner. 
It was displayed right by my front door as a reminder if what was coming! And it's there again right now!

My sister was my inspiration this week. She gathers her beautiful decorations and tablecloths and dishes that are reflective of the seasoned sets them out around her home. We went to some shops and she bought a pretty platter that had daffodils on it so she could use it special during spring. Love it!

Now my table had a dark topper on it. It was one of the first projects I made when I started to quilt. 
As much as I love this mini quilt, it doesn't say spring. At all. It had to come off my table. 

While I was grocery shopping yesterday, I saw some beautiful tulips that were near the registers. I'm a sucker for tulips! And even more so for multi-colored tulips! I got a bunch and brought them home. 
Notice the bright tablecloth? Better!

These are some Easter things that I grew up with. 
The bunnies were always set out at this time of year. My mom did some seasonal decorating too! And these eggs are very old and so delicate; made by my mom's grandma, I believe. The designs were painted on with a metal tip coated with melted wax, were let dry, and then were dipped in color. After that, they were dipped in hot water to remove the wax and the designs magically appear! We always blew out eggs and decorated them each year but didn't make them like this. There aren't many of these eggs left in our family so I try to take good care of them!

Now that's better! My kitchen needed this spring facelift!

Do you decorate for spring? What are your seasonal treasures?

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