Saturday, January 12, 2008

Black Jeans

Being on the worship team at Northway Church has been such a great experience for us. We have met the greatest team of musicians. Been learning amazing music. Been able to use our gifts for God again. One thing has been a bit of a change for us - the way we dress. We have played in churches for years. We have never been able to dress casually until now. It is fun to be able to pick out comfy clothes to wear in church!
The crazy thing is, Vince just had to get black jeans. I have a couple of pair of them but he didn't have any black jeans. They seemed like the perfect thing to wear. Have you tried to find a good pair of black jeans? It isn't exactly easy. They either look like blue jeans that have been covered with tar, or they have weird embroidery all over the pockets, or they look like a pair of "Sears Toughskins" from the 70's. (Wow, do you remember those? They really never wore out, like their name implied.) Anyways, the color is not right on black jeans.
So, I was at Kohl's last night and turned the corner and there they were . . . black jeans. Well, they were actually kinda dark grey jeans, but close enough! Anyways, the chorus of angels started aaaah-ing as the light shone from above and I picked them up. They were beautiful! They were the right size!! They were on SALE!!!! And 20 minutes later, they were on Vince. Would they fit? Too baggy? Not the right look??? No - no - NO! They were keepers. He will be wearing the freshly washed black jeans tomorrow while he wails out riffs on his Les Paul at church. Life is fun!

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