Monday, January 7, 2008

Reflections of 2007

Since this is my 1st post, it is going to be kinda long. Bear with me! I got a lot to say!!!
Wow, what a crazy year 2007 was! Just about anything that could happen happened...from the good to the bad to the exciting and to the sad.

Jan and Feb - were probably the most difficult time we experienced in our life. Without going into the gory details, we were facing a time of unexpected happenings, and ultimately a time of spiritual analysis. These months brought us to the point of the decision to heavily rely on God's strength and grace. This is what kept us sane during that dark time. We decided to try going gluten free. It seems to be working for us!

March - we started going to Northway Church on Sundays. The Pure Sex series was the topic that month. Quite surprising for a church to speak on this subject for 4 weeks in a row. The music was cool. We liked it enough there to keep going back.

April - The series 24 started at Northway. Jesus didn't have to do what He did for us. He had a choice but love won and He gave His life that we may live! My family got together for Easter. We had so many together, we used the church hall for the big event.

May - Things are getting settled down and we had the chance to "mend some broken fences" with people that were torn up long ago. God is so gentle and kind. I am thankful that was able to happen! Northway is addressing things that women face today. Yes, I am His daughter! I spent time with my mom for Mother's day. I made her breakfast and we talked about whatever we could think of. It was great!

June - Man Law is the series this month. Northway asked us to come to the membership meeting but we haven't decided what to do about that quite yet. Spent time with Dad for Father's Day. Sparkie came down with a weird throw-up problem. It was gross. He was put on antibiotics for a week. That fixed him up.

July - If you ever want to see an interesting series, get Northway Church's Heroes dvds. I really liked learning about Isaiah's faith, Jonathan's loyalty, Gideon's trust in God, to name a few... And we can have and use the same attributes because they were people just like us. We decided to ask if there was a need for musicians and would be set up for an audition in August. Exciting! Back to Sparkie - he had some weird lump on his face and when I got the tweezers to it, I pulled a 3" long worm out of his skin. Eeewwww! The vet said it was from a certain fly's egg and they had seen some other animals with the same thing. Then they told me Sparkie had lyme disease. E-gads! Back on medication for a month for that diagnosis.

Aug - Summer is just beautiful this year. We have been bar-b-qing almost every weekend. Ever had ribs off the grill? Yum!!! It's guest speaker month at church. We had our audition and were accepted to be on the worship team. Hooray! We hoped something like this could happen for us again. Thank you God!

Sept - We were on the schedule once this month in Clifton Park with Kevin's team. We could hardly sleep that weekend! Little scary but thrilling at the same time. Culture Shock is the series. Let's shock the unsaved with God's love through us! Happy birthday Vince and Northway Church! Iris started to have a thing going on with her tongue. It would hang to the side when she would meow. My precious kitty goes to the vet and they found a blood blister under her tongue and popped it. Now I gotta give her medicine for 2 weeks. She is not liking that one bit. She stays perched on the pole alot. Not too active. We're hoping it's nothing more serious.

Oct - We were scheduled to play twice this month. Man, did that go great! Vince really let loose on the guitar. We love playing together and worshipping by giving back our talents to Him. Jeremy is a great leader. Welcome to The Experiment! What would happen if you loved God with your whole heart, soul, mind and strength? Try it and see what happens! Iris goes back to the vet on Columbus Day and we are told that she has mouth cancer and there's nothing that could be done for her. She had lost so much weight - down to 4 pounds. We had to let her go that day. Her time was up. I can't express how sad that was. To hold her, and pet her, and have her cuddle up on your lap so happy to be with you, and see her look at you for the last time, to have to say good bye to our precious, sweet, little kitty... It still makes me cry. I only hope she had a happy life with us for the 10 years we had her.

Nov - This was a really busy month. Four times on stage, Thanksgiving, time off from work, trying to get into the Christmas mindset. I got a knitting machine. That was a cool find! I started to make some things but ran out of time. The projects will have to wait for me. I actually went shopping on black Friday. 7 a.m. at Target = disasterous results. They didn't have what I was looking for and if they did, I wouldn't have stood in the 50 person line to cash out!

Dec - Home for the Holidays. I wasn't sure how things would be for Christmas services at Northway. Well, they were big, bigger, bigger and huge! We were scheduled 4 weeks again. The Christmas weekend services were intense but we got through them. My parents came to see us. Thanks for your support! We totally appreciate you both! I didn't have the gumption to decorate until the 15th and it was minimal. I was full of the Christmas spirit, though. The lights and boxes and bows are just a dinky part of it. Couldn't get enough of the Scrooge movies. The family parties were wonderful. Vince's family is so small and mine is so big. I think we took family pictures for about 45 minutes, since everyone (but 1) was able to be home this year.

*Phew* I told you it would be long. I had to get it down though. This is stuff I want to remember. God bless and may our 2008 be full of interesting stories!

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Pam, I officially love your blog! I will be back for more! Keep it coming!