Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Finally! Tasty GF Bread!!!

Trying to find an edible GF bread is practically impossible. The stores carry loaves that are disgusting. It's a wonder they even sell them! I bought loaves of bread for $6 each that were in the garbage can after one bite of one slice. I am happy to report that I have been given a bread recipe that is just great!

Elizabeth Barbone is a local chef who is dedicated to helping out us GF'ers. She has a website at www.glutenfreebaking.com and has compiled a cookbook, which I own. I was able to meet her at the GF convention that I went to a couple of weeks ago. She was an excellent speaker and she demonstrated making this yummy sandwich bread. I even got to meet her and she signed my cookbook. Man, it was like meeting a tv star or something. I told her she should be on the Food Network! Thank you for all you do, Elizabeth!!!

There isn't anything quite like the home-made bread experience. The thing I like most about it is smelling it as it bakes. Secondly, I like slicing a warm piece, spreading butter on it and eating it right up. The loaf in the picture is what came out of MY oven tonight. It is cut up on the edges so I could get it out of the loaf pan, but don't forget that it was my first attempt at making it. I have learned: bigger loaf pan = better for this bread! It holds up well to slicing, it doesn't crumble on you, it freezes and thaws perfectly, but most importantly, it tastes good.


Elizabeth Barbone said...

Thanks for sending me the link! The bread looks great.


Sarah said...


I stopped by your site after you left a comment on my blog. My husband has also recently (last year) had to go gluten free. He didn't test positive for Celiac's either, but eating GF has made him feel much better. I'll have to try out the recipe for the bread as we still haven't found a GF bread. Its so hard to find tasty GF replacements for things like bread, bagels, and pasta.