Sunday, February 24, 2008

The Body of Christ

Have you ever been to a major league ballgame and then cheered on the bleachers at a high school match? Or worked at a giant corporation only to turn around and get a position with a small proprietorship? That is kind of like what happened with us today....

We go to Northway Church and the services that we have are usually filled to the brim with people. Not today. Why? Because NC is one church in 3 locations. The main campus is in Malta and has 4 services a weekend with hundreds of people gathering for each service. The 2nd campus is in Clifton Park with 2 services a weekend and the stage area alone is about the size of half of my house. We have always been involved in those locations.

Today we had the privilege of ministering at the 3rd location in Colonie which currently offers one service a weekend. Today, they were short a keyboard player and a drummer and I was asked to fill in on the keys. What a blessing it was to go from the major places to a small place. The leaders there are friendly, excited, humble. It was, in a word, precious. Our heart went out for the newest location and we know that God has wonderful things in store for the people in Colonie.

There was one comment made about how the 80-ish sized congregation was actually "a part of a church of over 2,000" which seemed surreal at the time is was spoken. But isn't this true of the body of Christ? We are many members but one body. You can attend a church with thousands or a fellowship of a few, but we are still one church. How glorious it will be when we can all finally assemble together at the feet of our Lord and eternally worship Him as one body in one location saying Holy, holy, holy is the Lamb.


Chad said...

So true Pam. Thank you for serving God's church and His people. There's nothing greater.

Anonymous said...

Pam, it was really awesome to play with you and worship. You are a blessing ~ Val