Sunday, February 10, 2008

Wash it!

When I realized that we had run out of towels and bed sheets, I figured I had better catch up on some wash today. Getting motivated to do wash is one of my bigger hurdles to jump during my week. Putting off the wash is always a better idea! Regardless, the piles don't clean themselves and the cats don't do any wash for me when they are in the basement all night, so I eventually have to put on my laundress hat and get to it.
Anticipating the large volumes of wash to come, I purchased extra soap last week at the market. Looking at all those soaps makes me wonder what people in the "old days" used to do with one or two choices of soap flakes. I am truly grateful that we have machines to do all the soaking, agitating, wringing, and spinning for us. Four loads down today, I still have about four more to go before that pile is back down and under control.
Doing wash isn't my favorite thing to do, but there's nothing like those fresh, clean clothes and linens. And the rest of the wash can wait until tomorrow.

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