Friday, February 29, 2008

What happened???

Every morning I sign onto my pretty, red computer. I use my wireless, red mouse to click around to my favored sites on the world wide web.

The first one I like to go to is so I can get a chapter or two (or three) into me before I start my day. So that's what I did today, but the daily reading guide had no chapters to read. What's with that? I know, I thought to myself, I will go to the reading calendar to see what it says, and that is when I realized what was going on. Today is leap year, February 29th. That date is not charted on their reading calendar, consequentially no chapters are displayed for reading.

There's something about leap year. It was zero degrees this morning but that can happen any time in winter. The sun is shining - nothing unique about that. But only once every four years can we say that "today is February 29th". Have a special day.

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